The Watson Evolutionary Ecology Lab


The thrill of discovery is the driving force behind our endeavors. We are an integrative evolutionary ecology lab that incorporates organismal physiology, biogeography, biodiversity, conservation, and quantitative methods in pursuit of answers to biological questions.


P.I. Watson

I am a Scientist, Naturalist, Mentor, Teacher, Poet, Father, and Husband. I have always had a love for the natural world and all of its surprises and secrets. Follow the link below for more information.

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Biology at Midwestern State University

MSU Texas is a public liberal arts university in Wichita Falls, Texas. With roughly 6000 students, it is small enough that you do not get lost in the crowd yet large enough to provide the resources and opportunities associated with a modern university. The Biology program allows opportunities for undergraduates to advance their knowledge in Organismal Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, and  Pre-Professional fields. Graduate students can pursue a Master of Science in Biology in one of our diverse research labs.

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Our People

The lab is comprised of a diverse group of young scientists who follow their curiosities into the laboratory and field. Together we try to learn something new every day…and teach it to others. Science is truly a team sport and we are a helluva team!


"Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible."

Richard P. Feynman


Our Research

The questions we pursue are not limited by size, scope or taxonomy. While we tend to work with lizards and other reptiles, we routinely find ourselves strangely involved with insects, arachnids, and various plants.